Casino Helps Out Nearby Businesses

Thunder Valley Casino near Lincoln opened three years ago, but as yet still has no hotel of its own. As a result of that, they refer their patrons to nearby hotels, their guest filling approximately 200 room-nights every month. And in turn, the hotels have made it common practice to refer other guests to the casino.

The mutually beneficial relationship is encouraged further by Thunder Valley's promotion for the hotels. Thunder Valley holds a competition for South Placer County hotels, and the five hotels that come up with the most referrals would be rewarded with courtesy phone lines at the casino. The patrons could then make an easy search of the lodging to make hotel bookings.

The interdependence of the hotel and the casino is reflected by other similar establishments in the region, and is reported to be the source of as much as 25 percent of the inn's business.

Dick Williams of Hotel Contracting Services say that Indian casinos "lift a lot of boats" whether contracting hotels or services such as taxis or limousines.

"Pretty much, your lift is over the weekend if you're within a reasonable reach of the casino," he said.

Thunder Valley also has plans to build its own hotel eventually, said general manager Scott Garawitz. But until then, Thunder Valley will keep helping the growth of nearby local hotels to house its best customers. Current favorites include Larkspur Landing and the Hilton Garden Inn in Roseville and Comfort Suites in Rocklin, he said.


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