Gambling Addiction

Gambling can be very entertaining. In gambling, one's behavior can be compulsive, aggressive, destructive and abnormal. Gambling is pleasurable and often regarded as an acceptable activity. But excessive gambling risks one's family, jobs, friendships and reputation. When a gambler rationalizes his gambling he is most likely addicted to Gambling. Gambling addiction is rampant these days. Generally, there are two types of problem gamblers. The first type is called Action Gamblers. Action gamblers are usually males who started gambling in their teenage years. gambling offers a different "high" comparable to drugs. Action gamblers are narcissistic, sociable and in constant need of approval. Action gamblers often do not seek help. They do not realize their gambling addiction. The second type is called Escape Gamblers. Escape gamblers are usually females who had faced big problems late in life. Escape gamblers are in a hypnotic stage where they can't feel the pain they have when gambling. Unlike Action gamblers, Escape gamblers seek help within six months. People who are more prone to develop gambling addiction are those who are depressed, anxious, and chronic pain. Gambling addicts have no other hobbies aside from gambling. People who are socially withdrawn are more predisposed to gambling addiction. Confronting people who seem to have gambling problems is very hard. The signs that a gambling problem exists are constant use of phone, fixation on sports and races, long lunches and leaving work early. The most obvious symptom of gambling addiction is borrowing money in big amounts or requesting for advance pays. When a person suddenly needs more money than the usual, he is probably burning all those cash in casinos. Any change in the financial needs of a person indicates a problem. Gambling addicts gamble to escape from their problems. Gambling relieves them of their guilt, helplessness and anxiety. However, the economic losses incurred by gambling addicts are very significant. Gambling addicts borrow money from their families and friends and usually lies about the cause of the crisis. More often, losses are incurred in gambling since gambling addicts try to recover losses by gambling more than what they can afford. There is also an increased gambling-related crimes committed by gambling addicts. Incidences of fraud, embezzlement, theft increase with the need to finance the costs of gambling.


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