Online Casino Advantages

There is much to be said both in favor and against land based casinos. Land based casinos are usually a very expensive business because they are located in remote and scarce locations. When you want to gamble in a land based casino, you will usually have to pay for plane ticket, a hotel room and all other needs that come by when you are out of home. Land based casinos are also very crowded and loud, which can contribute to the unpleasing feeling you get from the effort of getting to the casino. Land based casinos also have mixed smoking policies, which means that many smokers can not smoke in some of their favorite rooms while many non-smokers have to suffer from cigarette smoke while playing their favorite casino games.

On the other hand land based casinos still have one large benefit – the live dealers and tables. To some people there is still a big difference between seeing an animated mobile casino bonuses game to seeing a real person dealing the cards or collecting the craps. Some people also prefer to see a live slots machine than an animated one. Luckily for many of us the online gambling industry has found an amazing answer to this criticism – the live video poker guide.


The Growth of the Online Casino Industry
03/18/2008, Tuesday

The development of the Internet and the online casino industry has influenced the growth of gaming. But before choosing the online casino that you want to play in, make sure that it has a good customer support, software, security and others. ...more »

Gambling's Success and Legitimacy
01/22/2007, Monday

Gambling has taken a great leap in business in elevating the status of a town or a city's economy. However successful it may be, it should not cross the line between what is legitimate and what is not. It should fetch revenue, still, under the standards of the law. ...more »

Britain Introduces Legislation Set to Open Up Online Gambling Market
12/23/2006, Saturday

Britain is set to introduce legislation that is aimed to open up the online gambling market in the region. The government is hoping to lure off-shore internet gaming companies to British soil, enabling the government to fill its coffers with funds coming from taxes. ...more »

Casino Helps Out Nearby Businesses
12/22/2006, Friday

Thunder Valley Casino co-exists symbiotically with their neighboring hotels and inns. The interdependence of the businesses stems from the practice of the casinos referring guests to hotels, and vice versa. ...more »

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